Energy sector is one of the major driving forces of the economy. Renewable energy sources and the importance of using these resources are increasing everday. The fastest growing branch of the renewable energy sector is the solar energy sector. Solar panels, which are environmentally friendly and a more efficient source of production, should be preferred for electrical energy, which is needed even more with technological developments. Thanks to the electricity obtained from solar energy, today's needs are met, while the future is protected. In this respect, the renewable energy sector has the characteristic of having similar goals and visions with civil society organizations operating in environmental issues.

Kopuz Energy has the first 5 MW solar power plant established on 80 decares of land in Antalya-Kaş region and another 5 MW solar power project in Urfa Viranşehir region. Kopuz Energy is a national company that provides green energy by preventing the destruction of 100,000 trees annually. Besides its own investments, Kopuz Energy also makes installation projects for other companies that will invest in the solar energy sector with its experienced and wide staff.